Virginia Dale Community Club

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Stage Station Restoration Updates

In June 2016, we took a leap of faith and held a fundraiser at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins.  Because of the success of our efforts, we were overjoyed to be able to hire a restoration specialist, Bill Bailey, Historical Applications, to assess the project and begin work on the exterior of the building. 



Contributions, including both cash and in-kind from January to November, 2016, total $20,243. Thank you to all of our generous contributors!  Time donated by member volunteers for the same period amounted to well in excess of $16,050.  Thank you to all of our faithful and selfless members who worked so tirelessly this year! 


Work to complete the 1862 vintage look and restore the building to good condition includes:


  1. Finish the porch deck.
  2. Install new roof over the building and the porch deck.
  3. New ceiling installation and completion of wiring and lighting.
  4. New heating stove installation in the east end.
  5. Re-chink inside and outside walls and seal around doors and windows.
  6. Refinish original door (to be reinstalled in the south entrance), refinish the floor, and add a preservative to the outside walls.


We will continue our fundraising efforts and apply for appropriate grants until the project is completed.  Donations of cash, materials, and volunteer labor are needed and greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in helping or need more information, please contact us.


Submitted by: Vicki Uthmann

VDCC Board Member and Treasurer