Virginia Dale Community Club

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Save Our Station (SOS) Campaign Goal

The goal of the SOS Campaign is to restore the Virginia Dale Stage Station to its 1862 state so as to structurally secure and architecturally preserve the building for the next fifty to one hundred years. 

Community Goal

As with other small rural organizations, the VDCC has the common demographics concern of a potentially declining active membership (senior citizenship and aging, snow bird residents, youths moving away etc.).  Thus, we undertook the Historic Structure Assesment (HSA) with the hope of using the master plan to invigorate our community and draw new membership for sustainability of our organization at minimum and the life blood of our community jewel, the Stage Station, and our community club.  Some members of our populace are descendants of the original homesteaders – thus indeed, also of likely beneficiaries of the stage coach service of the 1860s and beyond. This aspiration is the underlying spirit and reasons our small but mighty band of members chose to undertake a preservation path.

Historic Structure Assessment - Budget Estimate


The HSA report concludes with a detailed budget estimate for architectural and engineering service, materials, labor, etc.  In summary the budget need is comprised of:

Phase 1 - $131,375     Phase 2 - $145,338     Phase 3- $49,937        TOTAL  $326,650

Unfortunately, the extent of the work and magnitude of the above estimated budget need was measurably much more than the VDCC could have imagined.  Our annual operating revenue of about $3,000 supports our routine maintenance, utilities, insurance, license/permits, and materials for tours. Primary sources are annual membership dues ($15 per member), annual 1-day Open House (vendor fees and commissions, sales of food and memorabilia etc.) and our annual quilt raffle. Hence, the need exists for the Club to seek assistance via its fundraising drive and maximize the use of community members and other volunteers.

Combined with cutbacks (primarily deferring Phase 3) and use of community and other volunteer labor, the funding need was significantly reduced to:

Phase 1- $81,070  Phase 2- $109,907   Other Costs (e.g. 2012 Open House)- $9023   

TOTAL:  $200,000

 The VDCC will pursue the restoration projects in smaller steps as the funds have been raised.  Where are we now?  Restoration Update

Community Service Project
(via American Society of Civil Engineers)

In 2011, the Club applied for and was chosen by the Northern Colorado Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-NCB) as the locale for its 2012 Community Service Project.  Pro-bono engineering /services are being provided for the conduct of needed structural analysis, configuration/design of structural solutions, and labor assistance with associated implementation. The student chapter of the ASCE at Colorado State University also elected to provide volunteer assistance, e.g. they completed field measurements of the station needed to develop data needed for completion of initial architectural and structural drawings.

How can you help?

Get involved!  We always need extra hands from cleaning up the construction debris to helping with our Open House activities!  Become a member! Financially support the Restoration Project.  See the "How you can Help" Page.