Virginia Dale Community Club

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Welcome to the official website of the Virginia Dale Community Club, proud owners of the legendary Virginia Dale Stage Station and Hurzeler House!

Celebrating the 156th year of the Virginia Dale Overland Stage Station!
Our  mission is to preserve for society the beauty and culture of rural living while promoting the historical significance of our community through our events and activities. 

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy learning more about us!

Upcoming Events:

Due to the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak, we are suspending all activities until it is safe to resume. 

At this time, there will not be VDCC events. 

Stay healthy and safe, and wash those hands!

The Legendary Virginia Dale Stage Station
and Hurzeler House

Built in 1862 by the notorious Jack Slade, the Virginia Dale Stage Station is the only Stage Station still  standing on the historic Overland Trail.  The adjacent Hurzeler House, built in 1909 by Emil Hurzeler, was used as a personal residence for those who operated the general store and post office inside the stage station.

  Raffle for Henry .22 Long Barrel with Stage Coach Engraving on the Stock

Tickets are $2/each

Drawing with be held December 6, 2020

Buy your Raffle Tickets from a VDCC Member or email us and we will mail themt o you!